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Petro-Gas Linkages (Petro-GL)

An integrated finance information system for oil and gas contractors in Indonesia, covering from WP&B to all the reports that an energy operator company would need, including Balance Sheet, Pertamina Quarterly Reports, Cost Recovery / Income Statement, JIB, ECS, Invoice, AFE Closed Out and many more.

St. Augusta

A very handy integrated information system for Medical Stores and Clinics which covers P.O.S, Inventory and Accounting.

Global Project Manager

Take control over your projects, even those in remote areas, from your desktop or notebook. when you're in office or mobile.

Global Distro - Distribution System

This one is for you who has a retail business with many outlets. With our on-line system, you can have control over all your outlets right at your finger tip.

Angel's Cloud

Angel’s Cloud instantly delivers an outstanding multi-user access system on Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7, 2003 SBS or 2008 SBS Server (32 or 64 bits)! If you are looking to add value to your existing equipment without paying expensive licenses to Citrix or Microsoft, Angel’s Cloud is the very best and the most cost-effective product for your project.

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